#AccountexUSA: Ransomware is rampant

Roman H. Kepczyk, CPA, Director of Firm Technology Strategy for Right Networks, joined the show at Accountex in Boston to talk security for accounting and bookkeeping firms. Listen to learn what you need to be doing as a firm owner to protect your firm and your clients' data from phishing, ransomware and malware attacks!

Show Notes
  • 01:39 – With the rise in ransomware rampages, it's more crucial than ever to protect your company's data 
  • 02:07 – Roman explains the Right Networks disk-to-disk-to-offsite backup process 
  • 03:14 – Don't get caught with your cloud down ... Just because your data is in the cloud, doesn't remove your responsibility to make regular backups here on earth 
  • 04:05 – You can't tune a phish - Training employees to recognize phishing emails is an important step in safeguarding company  data 
  • 05:31 – It's trickier to spot phishers on smartphones, since you can't see the full URL
  • 07:27 – Stop being so predictable! Using the same password for all your websites is just an open invitation to hackers 
  • 11:12 – Roman suggests checking your online bank accounts daily, in the morning, especially if you travel and swipe cards frequently in numerous locations 
  • 12:27 – Target practice? With digital threats constantly changing and evolving, small businesses need experienced, well-trained IT security providers to help protect systems
  • 15:46 – Roman shares some more details about services that provide phish-attack testing for employees, and the process Right Networks uses for its own people 
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#AccountexUSA: Ransomware is rampant
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