#AccountexUSA: Fraud can be funny (and fun) when you're Dawn Brolin

The insightful and hilarious accounting rockstar Dawn Brolin, CFE, CPA, joins Blake and David at Accountex in Boston to talk about everyone's favorite topic, FRAUD! From the fraud triangle, to stupid fraudster tricks, to how you, too, with a few qualifications, can become a certified fraud examiner, Dawn shows us the fun, and colorful side of fraud detection!
Show Notes
  • 00:48 – How can being a Bills fan ever be a bad choice? 
  • 01:40 – Fraudster Tip: If you're gonna steal the cash, stash it in your backyard!  
  • 02:36 – Dawn explains the geometry of fraud | ACFE
  •  03:01 – The three steps leading to fraud - pressures, opportunity, and rationalization 
  • 04:55 – In the age of payroll automation, why do small-biz owners still insist on paying with paper checks?  
  • 05:26 – Time really is money, especially if your employees steal it 
  • 06:38 – Hook, line, and sinker, as a small-biz owner, you're fully liable for all tax obligations, regardless of whether you've been defrauded.  
  • 07:37 – Dawn says advisors are missing the mark when it comes to using the cloud and accounting apps 
  • 09:24 – Accountants and bookkeepers, assessing your clients' financial risk and providing suggestions for better internal controls should be a priority when it comes to adding value 
  • 12:48 – Table for two? Especially in smaller businesses, two or more employees make teamwork out of fraud 
  • 14:15 – The downside to all this super-efficient tech? It can make it super-easy to commit fraud 
  • 15:15 – Never take candy for your passwords!  
  • 21:29 – Why finding fraud is fun 
  • 23:05 – Forensic accounting - kicking ass and taking names is just part of the job description 
  • 25:46 – How to become a certified fraud examiner | ACFE 
  • 28:42 – Swearex 2019 
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#AccountexUSA: Fraud can be funny (and fun) when you're Dawn Brolin
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